Divorce and your house: what you need to know

Divorce and Your House_ What You Need to Know (1)

Going through a divorce and need to know what to do with your house? Below, we provide tips for working together with your former spouse and considering options.

According to the Financial Planning Association, going through a divorce is one of the most stressful and emotional legal issues that anybody can go through. But what many people don’t consider deeply enough is what to do with your house in a divorce.

It’s a reality that many married couples must deal with, unfortunately. And, it is also a decision that mediators or a judge inside a courtroom many times end up deciding for the couple. This is due to a large amount of money, equity and splitting of assets that occur during divorce proceedings.

Things to consider when selling your house in a divorce

Considering the items below helps ensure a smooth, legal and fair process.

1. Communicate effectively

One of the biggest hassles is effectively communicating with your ‘soon to be’ former spouse. Perhaps lack of communication affected your decision for divorce in the first place. However, it becomes especially important when ending things calmly.

Starting the process on the same page helps to divorce couples more successfully decide how they handle their estate and belongings when separating.

Remember, both parties benefit when the house sells for maximum value. So it’s in your best interest to ensure a good plan is set in place prior to doing any repairs or making any plans for selling the house. Divorce involves an emotional process. However, selling a house is a business decision–and needs to be handled as such.

2. Get property ready to sell

Once a good plan is in place, make sure both parties know their roles in getting the property ready for sale. If house repairs are needed, make sure someone is responsible for handling the repair process directly.

Will the house be listed for sale while people are still living in it? Make sure everybody is aware of individual responsibilities, and keep the house in great condition at all times.

3. Make final plans

Decide what options are best for a quick, easy and cost-beneficial sale. The process of listing a property, finding a buyer, preparing for the closing, and planning a move is stressful. Some people find the process of preparing for a divorce and home sale simultaneously to be very difficult.

For this reason, many couples going through a divorce prefer working with a quick home buyer like We Teach Houses. Working with an investor helps ease the burden of selling when you question what to do with a house in a divorce. We provide an effective solution to sell your home quickly. This allows you to focus on splitting assets fairly and beginning the process of moving forward.

We’ve helped families and individuals over the years dealing with the challenges of what to do with a house in a divorce.

 If you need help getting information ready in order to decide what to do with your house in a divorce, call us.


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